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Open Source Support

Open Source Support Hand-Tailored for Your Organizational Needs


Open source software is a valuable tool for businesses, particularly those looking to control costs, but only if it is managed properly and integrated successfully into your overall IT architecture.


Open Source Support (OSS) from Beyond Technologies is the easiest, most effective, and affordable solution to manage your open source integration. We provide a full range of OSS services, from on-call troubleshooting and support, to a full OSS team that can integrate your open source resources with the rest of your IT architecture.


We support hundreds of open source software packages, applications, and platforms, including:


  • • CentOS Linux

  • • Ubuntu

  • • Apache

  • • Jboss

  • • Tomcat

  • • ActiveMQ

  • • MySQL

  • • PostgreSQL


We specialize in making certain that your mission-critical open source applications are always available and running safely, to ensure you are able to alleviate risk while enjoying cost savings and productivity benefits.


Beyond Technologies Open Source Support Features


Flexibility is key to Open Source Support from Beyond Technologies. We can create an Open Source Support plan for your organization that ensures you receive the personalized management you need, without paying for services you don't.


  • • Service Level Agreements (SLA) and support contracts adjusted to your requirements

  • • Expert staff available 24/7 online or by phone for troubleshooting

  • • Open source expert consultants and technical staff for larger projects

  • • Support for all hardware, platforms, applications, and software

  • • Ongoing support for new features, patches, and upgrades


Beyond Technologies is proud to offer clients the same level of expertise and confidence in their open source applications as is commonly available in commercial products.


Isn't it time you realized the advantages of making open source work for you? Please visit our Contact Us page and get in touch with our OSS consulting team to learn more about the benefits.