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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

As a trusted and respected company in the field of Information Technology and Cyber Security solutions, Beyond Technologies takes enormous care to safeguard the private information of our valued clients. As part of our mission to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients, we are committed to maintaining anonymity and protecting the privacy of all information that is shared with us.


Personal Information

For verification and basic security purposes, Beyond Technologies asks for certain personal information from our clients. This information is limited to location, language, and contact information. Additional information such as nature of business, products, and names of employees may also be necessary, depending on the service you have requested.


This information is intended and maintained for use by Beyond Technologies only. This information will never be shared with other companies or organizations, nor to your competitors, vendors, suppliers, or business contacts. We have the highest regard for the trust and confidence you bestow on us, and we exert all efforts to meet those expectations and deliver the outstanding service results you deserve.


Where Will We Use Your Information?

The personal information you provide to Beyond Technologies will only be used within your transactions with Beyond Technologies, including emails, details of services, products you have requested, and order verification. We consider emails a vital communication platform for us to confirm, discuss, and share with you the details of service.


What About Website Cookies?

Clients may encounter “cookies” while using our website. Our cookies are simply small bits of data sent from our website and stored in your web browser. These cookies allow us to detect your PC's configuration and make adjustments to provide you better services.


Below are types of cookies that the Beyond Technologies website uses:


  • • Session cookies are temporary files that are automatically erased once the browser is shut down. They allow users (you) to access certain website contents and actions.

  • • Persistent cookies are used to understand our clients' usage patterns, which helps us make the website more user-friendly. These cookies remain until you delete them manually from your browser (we can provide simple instructions if you would like to delete them).

  • • Limited third-party cookies are permitted to certain of our partners to allow relevant advertisements, comprehensive overall insights, and useful graphics.


Personal Login Information

As one of our valued clients, we provide you with login information to access our site. It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your login information. Never share your login information with others and do not forget to log out after every session.


As a certified user of our site, you agree to accept the liability for all your personal actions and report to Beyond Technologies any unauthorized usage or security breaches. Beyond Technologies reserves the right to terminate accounts and remove content that does not comply with our policies and conditions.


For more information about our privacy policies, please visit our Contact Us page with any questions or concerns.